Ara Ohannes Baghdassarian
Ara Ohannes Baghdassarian

Mediterranean Cultured Products

Mediterranean Cultured Products



Mediterranean Karoun Cheese Dairy Products

Healthy Cheese and Yogurt Products

(Established in 1931)

Karoun Mediterranean
Karoun Mediterranean

Cheese Karoun Manufacturing Plant Cheese Karoun Manufacturing Plant

Mediterranean Cheeses
Mediterranean Cheeses


Karoun Dairies Home Karoun Cheeses Dairy Products.
Karoun Company Profile Original Karoun Dairies Company.
Karoun Dairies Brand Karoun Cheese Dairy Products Company Profile.
Karoun's History Karoun Dairies Mediterranean Origins.
Karoun Dairies Brand Karoun Cheeses Dairy Products Company History.
Karoun's Brands Karoun Dairies Brand Cheese Specialty Dairy Products.
Main Brands: KAROUN®, Yofruit®, Skimmed®, Ayrani®, and KARLACTI®.
Karoun Dairy Products Karoun Dairies Cheeses Cultured Dairy Products.
Karoun Brand Mediterranean Specialty Dairy Foods Cheese.

Quality Production Karoun Highest Quality Cheese Cultured Products.
KAROUN DAIRIES Cheese Yogurt Dairy Products Quality Control Standards.

Live Active Cultures Yogurt Cultured Dairy Products.
KAROUN Live Active Cultures Fermented Health Beneficial Quality Yogurt Products.

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